DUI / DWI Classes

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Alcohol Highway Safety School’s online DUI class. The purpose of this online DUI class is to provide a flexible and private alternative to traditional in-class alcohol highway safety programs. In Pennsylvania, attendance of an alcohol highway safety school is mandatory for all convicted DUI first and second offenders, and for every person placed on ARD or other preliminary disposition as a result of an arrest for violation of 75 Pa.C.S. § 3802 (relating to driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance). Alcohol highway safety school is a structured educational program with a standardized curriculum to teach DUI offenders about the problems of alcohol and drug use and driving. It provides opportunities to learn and implement behavioral changes that can eliminate future drinking after driving episodes.

Course Requirements
This online course meets all of the curriculum requirements set by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The length of the online Alcohol Highways Safety School is equivalent to the amount of time spent in a traditional in-class program, but provides the flexibility to work at your own pace, around your busy schedule, and in the privacy of your home. To meet Pennsylvania guidelines, this course will take you no less than 12.5 hours to complete. This online course includes a secure user verification process to ensure the intended user is the person taking the course. Once you have completed this course you will receive a certificate of completion and notification will be sent to the DUI Coordinator in the County where you were arrested.

If your arrest was not in Pennsylvania you will receive a copy of the completion certificate. It will be your responsibility to forward it to the proper authorities in the jurisdiction where your arrest occurred.

You will choose other during the registration process.

Does this Course Cost Money?
Yes, the cost of the class is $175.00. Like all alcohol highway safety schools, there is a cost to attend this course. The fees cover the entire cost of the online course, including immediate access to all course material. Once the course is complete, a certificate of completion will be sent to the DUI Coordinator in the County where you were arrested. Registration is simple. Click on the signup link on this website, and you will be directed to a secure site to register for this online DUI class. Once registration is complete and payment is received, the user may immediately begin the course.

Visa, Master Card and Discover cards are accepted. American Express, Debit cards are not accepted for payment.

Be sure to receive permission to take the online class from the authorities in the county where you were arrested before registering.

You can register for this course by the Register button below. This link will take you to an online registration page. Complete the required fields and you can get started immediately.

Do not register for this class without obtaining permission from the authorities in the jurisdiction where your arrest occurred. Without permission you may not receive credit for having taken the class on line.

Time Limitations to Complete this Course
You will have 30 days to complete the class once you begin it. Pennsylvania requires all convicted DUI offenders to attend alcohol highway safety school as a requirement, and you will not be eligible for the return of your unrestricted driving privileges until all requirements are met. The benefit of the online course is the flexibility to work at your own pace. We suggest you take the time to thoroughly understand the course material. There are no refunds.

Can I use any computer to take this course?
This course is intended to be accessible by any computer with internet access. This course can be accessed from home, work, library, or a friend or family’s house. All that is required is Internet access and a device that supports Adobe Flash content. Note that some tablets/mobile devices may not support Flash content. If you are unsure whether or not your computer/device is supported, please follow this link:

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